Frequently asked questions. 

How do I get started in the program?
Call us at 1-847-235-9516 (Option 2) or email us at to schedule your Program Assessment/Intake appointment. 


How much do services cost?


Depending on a participant's use of our agency discounts, prices for services vary greatly.

Call us at 1-847-235-9516 (Option 2) or email us at for more information.



Do you have any discounts available? How do they work?


Yes, we currently offer a::

  • Helping Others Discount. For every hour you work at a local charity, we will discount the cost of your program $7. The maximum discount per week is 50% off a group or appointment.

  • Fixed Income Discount. When you show us proof you are on disability, or Social Security, we will discount the cost of your program 25%.


Can I get started at any time or do I need to wait for a group to "open" up?


Yes, participnts can join groups at anytime.